California Cave life Inventory

The California Cave Life Inventory was initiated in response to Federal and State governments needs for a data record documenting the natural resources within the State of California. As such, a statewide assessment of macrofauna in subterranean habitats (caves, springs, wells, mines, etc.) has begun. 

Using a combination of exhaustive literature reviews and focused / rapid field bioinventories, we will create a state checklist of faunal occurrences in subterranean habitats. Rare and endemic animals will be censused, and their conservation status and zoogeographic range updated. Sites will be ranked in biological importance using several biodiversity metrics to assist in prioritizing conservation actions. Results of this 5-year study will also be used to update the California Natural Diversity Database and checklists of individual public land management units. Results will also be published, as appropriate and permitted, in peer-reviewed scientific journals.