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Quality substitute teachers can help reduce teacher burnout, lower teacher workload, improve students’ academic and social outcomes, and enhance the quality and effectiveness of the overall school performance. When leaders seek to attract and retain quality substitute teachers, they are, by extension, focused on the ultimate goal: consistent academic progress and student success.

Administrators are keenly aware of the importance of maintaining instructional continuity. When students are absent, the expectation is that they will follow up with teachers and work together to fill in the gaps. Conversely, when a teacher is absent, the expectation should be that learning will continue as planned. For that to occur, schools need to hire qualified, dependable, and confident substitutes. Investing in the professional development of these critical staff members pays off in improved student engagement, better behavior management, and quality instruction that leads to growth and achievement.

Educators recognize that teachers need professional development. If they want substitutes to feel valued and continue to become better educators, schools need to extend their professional development opportunities to their subs, as well. If school leaders go above and beyond to attract, train, and appreciate their competent, reliable substitutes, their entire staff (and students) reap the benefits!

When teachers and support staff are pulled to cover absences not filled by substitutes, it begins a chaotic cycle - teachers feel overworked, become burned out, take more sick days, and this cycle takes a toll on morale. When teacher morale is low, it affects the entire building culture negatively, and student achievement suffers. On the other hand, the continuity created by effective, reliable substitute teachers reduces workload and chaos for teachers and staff, and provides consistency and support for students. When teacher and staff morale is high and students feel supported, school achievement soars!

In addition to introducing classroom teaching foundations, SUBINSTITUTE’s Classroom Basics trainings includes the legal and ethical subject content mandated by most states and districts. Administrators may also choose individual course options to hand-select the courses most impactful to meeting the training requirements and goals of their school or district.

SUBINSTITUTE’s course options have been expertly designed to meet the high standards of administrators who seek the very best professional development for their teams. Click HERE to read individual course and professional development descriptions.

Outstanding professional development for your substitute teachers is an investment in your school’s success, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. SUBINSTITUTE’s fair and transparent pricing allows school administrators to meet their staff development goals and stay on budget. Our expertly curated offerings provide exceptional value for your training dollars, and our individual course options let you assign the right trainings to the right team members, at the right time! Click HERE to view pricing plans